Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

Approach to Health Through the Vibrations of Consciousness


The physical body is the transformation of consciousness into physiology. There is a point in this process of transformation where the relationship of consciousness and physiology is very delicate. That is the focal point of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health. Therefore, any disorder can be delicately handled from this area — from this meeting point of consciousness and physiology.

Here is a quote from Maharishi about the relevance of the Vedic Sound therapy:

"Consciousness flows through sound. Speech expresses consciousness or the Self or Atma. The Self expresses itself in its own reverberations, which we say is sound. Sound is a basic value of the physiology. Sound is basic to all physiological expressions, therefore the approach through sound will be nourishing and evolutionary to every aspect of the physiology, because it is more basic. Vedic Sound Therapy is able to remedy the disorder and promote order.

Raja Raam (Prof. Nader) has shown that every aspect of the physiology is an expression of the corresponding aspect of sound present in the Vedic Literature. Whatever has made the physiology, that alone can remedy it, if something wrong has gone into it. Treat the cause to amend the effect! Consciousness is the cause and the effect is the physiology, therefore the consciousness approach to any disorder will be a very right approach to completely remedy the disorder."

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